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Accuracy of capacitance

Most accuracy refers to the capacity of capacitance error range, if refers to the size of the capacitance accuracy generally refers to the size of the error, the accuracy of capacitive why do exist, this is because the production of capacitor will always be with the capacity of the original provisions have certain error, gradually formed behind the allowed error range, the accuracy of all accounts.

Capacitance of the precision of the common, general is plus or minus 5% / + 10% / + 20%, determine the precision of the capacitance of reason, main is to depend on customer's budget and requirement, if not too special requirements generally according to the precision of the conventional itself to produce, if customers have special requirements, the capacitor manufacturer will choose different raw materials production, more high precision capacitance, so in the selection of capacitance accuracy, generally should first consult their products circuit board needed to take the current scope to determine.

The precision of the capacitance in addition to have the special requirements of customers, also need to see the capacitor manufacturer if they can make such a high precision capacitor, large range of error of capacitance on the market, pretend to be high precision capacitor case also many, so in choosing the high accuracy of capacitor, might as well let capacitor manufacturer to provide some samples first, after testing qualified try take small batch trial-produce, completely no problem before start mass production.

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