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Why does the quotation of circuit board manufacturer sometimes vary greatly

In the current market competition is increasingly fierce, each circuit board manufacturers are trying to reduce costs, in order to achieve a greater market share, in the pursuit of reducing the cost of the same time, often ignore the quality of the circuit board. In order to let customers have a deeper understanding of this problem, we specially communicate with senior engineers of the circuit board factory to get some details or even secrets of the industry inside the circuit board factory, and share them with you here, so that customers can choose the circuit board supplier more rationally.

Circuit board quality problems generally include circuit circuit breaking, green oil bubbling, green oil falling off, substrate layering, bending, welding pad falling off, defective tin on the circuit board and open circuit after aging. These common circuit board quality problems, the root cause of the circuit board factory production process is not standard, backward production equipment, poor raw material selection, management chaos caused by these aspects.

1: The production process is not satisfactory. 

Circuit board production is a high technology content of the industry, involving electroplating, chemical, machinery, and a series of interdisciplinary. Each process of PCB production must be carried out in accordance with strict production process, and each process must be equipped with corresponding testing and testing equipment, which can guarantee the stability of PCB quality. There is no denying that the circuit board industry is also a polluting industry. Many of the employees and even bosses of the circuit board industry are only halfway out of the industry. Therefore, many small circuit board factories only care about the price, as long as the cost can be kept down, they do not care about the production process and the quality of circuit board. The concentration of the solution in the electroplating process is a parameter that varies from moment to moment. The current size and time of the electroplating process are also different for different types of circuit boards. These parameters also affect the quality of the circuit board comprehensively. Only by strict production process guidance, production according to process parameters, and constant laboratory inspection, can we ensure the quality of the circuit board produced in a stable state. If it is manufactured by experience, appear quality problem, add potion by feeling, this is a direct result of the quality of the circuit board is always in volatility, customers to use will appear this kind of circuit board repair rate is high, the yield is low, the surface looks PCB procurement cost is reduced, in fact maintenance, repair maintenance cost greatly increase at the same time, the customer brand is affected, it is not economical to long term.

2: Backward production equipment. 

The fundamental way to improve the quality of circuit board is to guarantee the quality of hardware, increase the input of equipment, make the equipment efficient and stable. With the progress of science and technology, the upgrading of circuit equipment is faster and faster, the equipment is more and more advanced, of course, the price is more and more expensive. As a result, some small circuit board factories are unable to install more expensive equipment, leading to increased dependence on employees. Now the human cost is high, once the formation of a skilled staff to form a dependence, the board factory management difficulties will be greatly increased, once the flow of personnel, the quality of the board will fluctuate.

3: Raw material selection cheap inferior. 

The quality of raw materials is the cornerstone of the quality of the circuit board, the material itself is not qualified, the circuit will appear bubble, layered, cracking, plate warping, thickness is not equal. What is hidden is that some circuit board factories use a mixture of materials, one is genuine board material, the other is edge material, in order to spread the cost, the hidden danger is that you do not know which batch of problems will occur. Due to the different characteristics of the circuit board, some circuit board requirements are not high, so some edge material used in this occasion and do not show obvious problems, which makes many circuit board factory such practices get away with, at the same time because of the low price also won the preference of customers. Encouraging circuit board manufacturers to continue to take such risks. In the long run, if the base material problems lead to quality problems in the finished products, it is often a huge loss, and sometimes is unable to restore the reputation and brand of the enterprise. This is why the more formal circuit board manufacturers do not do so.

4: Management confusion. 

The circuit board factory production process is many, the cycle is long, how to achieve scientific and orderly management, but also can reduce the management cost this is a difficult problem, is the management well, the management can live, the management is cheap, this needs the circuit board manufacturers long accumulation. With the progress of science and technology, especially the development of network, it is possible to manage the traditional circuit board factory by means of network information. Only a breakthrough in this area can form the core competitiveness. In a poorly managed plant, the quality of its circuit board will naturally fluctuate, and various problems will emerge endlessly.

To sum up: 

The PCB quality problem is a very serious problem, but also needs the PCB factory long-term efforts, in management, integrity, investment and absorption of new technical means on the results of continuous efforts.


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