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The development history of PCB

The development history of PCB is very long.It has gone through a long and tortuous history. The development history of PCB has witnessed the development of world industry.

In 1941, the United States in the talc painting on copper paste for wiring, for the production of a proximity fuze.

In 1943, Americans will be a large number of the technology used in military radio.

In 1947, the epoxy resin used for manufacturing the substrate. At the same time, NBS began to study the printed circuit technology formed coils, capacitors, resistors and other manufacturing technology.

 In 1948, the United States formally approved this invention is used for commercial purposes. Since the 1950s, a large number of low calorific value transistors replaced vacuum tubes, printed circuit board technology began to be widely used. And then to the etched foil membrane technology is the mainstream of.

In 1950, the Japanese use of glass substrate with silver paint and paper substrate wiring; phenolic resin system (CCL) on a copper foil wiring.

In 1951, polyimide, the heat-resistant resin and further, also made of the polyimide substrate.

In 1953, Motorola The development of double panel plating through-hole method. This method is also applied to them.Multilayer printed circuit board circuit board is widely used in the late 10 years after the 60s, the technology has become more mature. But since the arrival of the Motorola double plate, multilayer printed circuit board wiring substrate and began to appear, make the area ratio is more improve.

In 1960, Dahlgren to v. with metal foil circuit attached to the thermoplastic plastic, made of flexible printed circuit board of。

In 1961, the United States Hazeltine Corporation reference to the through hole plating method, produce the multi-layer board.1967, published by layer method one of the "plated-up Technology".

In 1969. Fd-r to produce polyimide flexible printed circuit board of.[1] in 1979, pastel published by one of the layer "pastel".

In 1984, NTT developed a thin film circuit "copper polyimide method".

In 1988, Multilayer printed circuit board.

In 1990 SIEMENS developed micro wiring substrate, IBM developed the "surface multilayer line" (surface laminar, circuit, SLC) multilayer printed circuit board of.

In 1995, multilayer printed circuit board.[1] developed by Panasonic in 1996 ALIVH, multilayer printed circuit board.

The development history of PCB is very long.It has gone through a lot.The development history of PCB is very long.It has gone through a lot of events.The development history of PCB is very long.It has witnessed the development of world industry.

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