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High frequency PCB

KingFung PCB is specializing in High-Frequency PCB with ten years experience for which widely apply to the power divider, combiner, power amplifier, line amplifier, base station, RF antenna,4G antenna so on and so forth.

Our company's sufficient stocks of PCB materials such as Rogers, Taconic, Arlon, Isola, F4B, TP-2, FR-4 (dielectric rage:2.2-10.6)

First, what is a high-frequency PCB?
The relatively high frequency, generally refers to the frequency is greater than or equal to 300MHz (i.e. wavelength 1m) band, usually refers to radio frequency band. While the frequency of the electromagnetic wave is called microwave over 1GHz.

Two, the frequency of wireless applications

Typical frequencies for wireless applications:
-Current - mobile: 0.9GHz - 2GHz
-The 3G systems: 2.5GHz
- Bluetooth: 2.5GHz
- GPS: 12.6GHz
-The LMDS: 24GHz and 40GHz
- Automotive: 77GHz

Three, high-frequency PCB  production type
1. single layer PCB and double-layer PCB
2. multilayer PCB, the hybrid structure
High-performance special plate +PP + ordinary performance plate +PP plate mixed pressure structure plate
Mixed multilayer plate with 3. high-frequency substrate + common FR4 substrate
High-frequency metal substrate printed circuit board based on 4. high-frequency substrate + metal substrate

Four, Application range of high-frequency PCB:

Power divider, coupler, combiner, power amplifier, dry put, base station, 3G antenna
Base, satellite receiver, antenna, microwave transmission, car phones, global positioning system, satellite communication equipment, communication adapter, receiver, signal oscillator, household electrical appliances, computer networking, high speed oscilloscope, IC test instrument, communication and computer communication, high speed transmission with high frequency, high security, high quality and high transmission the memory capacity of processing etc.

Five, high-frequency PCB plate material types and products:
Made in China: F4B (Wang Ling, Taixing)
Imported materials: Rogers (Rodgers), TACONIC (Nick Taikang), ARLON (Ya Long), TP-2, high-frequency microwave PTFE circuit board, Teflon (Teflon), PTFE

Six, material parameters and models:
Rodgers 4000 series: RO4350B/RO4003C
Thickness: 0.2mm, 0.254mm, 0.308mm, 0.508mm, 0.762mm, 0.813mm, 1.524mm
Rogers material model:
RO4003C, RO4350B, RO4360, RO4533, RO4535, RO4730, RO4232, RO4233, RO3003, RO3006, RO3010, RO3035, RO3203, RO3206, RO3210, RO6006, RO3730, RO5780, RO5880, RO6002, RO3202, 

KingFung PCB advantages:

1,Strict quality control system --- IPC standards, PDCA cycle process, DIONEX ICS-900 and temperature cycle testing equipment.

2, Raw material in stock(short lead time)--- PCB:materials such as Rogers, Taconic, Arlon,Isola,F4B,TP-FR-4 (dielectric rage:2.2-10.6).
3,Strong Process capability --- Track:3/3mil,6mil Via holes, Multilayer PCB laminate structure: FR4+PTFE,FR4+408HR,FR4+ROGERS.
4,Technology support from strongly team.
5, Reasonable cost.

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