We are one of the top producers of printed circuit boards. To improve our customers’ competitiveness and speed to market, PCB Quick is a long-standing and well-recognized provider of printed circuit boards. We utilize our huge experience in PCB production that runs smoothly for both simple small printed circuit boards and high-density complex versions.

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Compared to our competitors, we have a successful track record.We are experts in offering a full variety of premium PCB fabrication and PCB assembly services to businesses of all sizes. As the best PCB maker, we offer everything from rapid PCB prototype and design guidelines to full manufacturing.

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For more than 25 years, Advanced Circuits has been a leader in the PCB market, offering some of the most cutting-edge printed circuit board technologies and the highest industry standards.

From the simplest boards to the most complex designs for small quantities and large-scale production, you can rely on us to suit your needs.

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team works to increase productivity and cost-effectiveness in the market.

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from low to mass production


We have tremendous experience in the electronics and high technology sector. It enables us to collaborate with our customers in the design, development and production of electronic boards and electronic equipment.

Quality material

We use Class A military materials for the PCB core raw material of the circuit board. We can guarantee the quality for the rest of your mind.

Exquisite process

Adopting KuangShun photosensitivity Ink, it meets environmental protection standards. The ink is bright, and the characters are very clear after high-temperature baking.

Refined Production

A variety of surface treatment processes: Gold finger, ENIG, HAL; a variety of solder mask colors: green, blue, red, yellow, white, matte black, matte green, purple.

Fast delivery

We will deliver PCB samples to your hands in a timely manner within the promised time. Our PCB purchase process is transparent so that you can concentrate on the crucial matter of your business.

Quality Details

  • The copper-clad substrate of the circuit board selects the brand manufacturer (A-grade material)
  • The copper thickness in the hole is above 18um, which will appear to be no copper in the hole after wave crest welding.
  • Green oil cover the adhesion force, do not drop oil.
  • The characters are printed clearly and will not blur.
  • Surface treatment spray tin process, tin surface level easy to weld
  • Surface treatment of gold plating process gold surface yellow (gold thickness up to 1-3u”), easy to weld.
  • Guarantee V-cut depth for panel boards is 1/3 of board thickness which will be easy to separate.
  • Plate warping and layering cannot be accepted.

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